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descriptionYour skins on Hitskin without authorisation? You want to delete it?





descriptionRe: Your skins on Hitskin without authorisation? You want to delete it?

hello This a test


descriptionRe: Your skins on Hitskin without authorisation? You want to delete it?


this is a test


descriptionRe: Your skins on Hitskin without authorisation? You want to delete it?

"Pretty cool new toy, yeah?" Butch asked. "Stole it from some ape-like creature's corpse during my Campaign on Sigma Octanus IV."

Spinning the weapon around himself like a trained martial artist, he caught the handle, the head of the hammer behind him. Crouching low, he beckoned Blaine to make the first move.

"I'm flattered." Blaine smirked, standing with his arms crossed, holding his hand out in a pointing fashion to Butch. "Ladies first."

Growling with anger, Butch charged forward, hammer at the ready. Blaine followed suit, as the two massive Spartans sprinted at their top speeds towards each other. Springing off of his right foot, Butch lunged forward with the hammer, swinging it as he went. Blaine, however, sprung off of right foot, jumping over Butch entirely. Turning around, Blaine booted Butch in the rear, causing the other Spartan to face-plant.

"That seriously the best you got?" Butch chuckled, standing up.

"Says the one with the weapon." Blaine said, lightly tapping his left cheek. "C'mon then, hit me!"

Roaring with defiance, Butch turned on the ball of his heel, swinging the bladed side of the hammer at Blaine's face. With each sequential swing, Blaine took a step back. Annoyed, Butch smashed the head of the hammer onto the ground, another shockwave kicked up, knocking Blaine away.

Charging the downed Spartan, Butch sprinted forward, jumping high enough to block the sun from Blaine's vision. Holding the hammer high above his head, he prepared to swing it down. Standing immediately, Blaine swung his right fist up in an uppercut, twisting as he went. Meeting his target, Butch's stomach, he flipped the Spartan over his head, kicking him in the ribs when he landed.

"You really didn't care for Mendez, otherwise you'd have known I was gonna do that." Blaine shook his head. "If this is the best you can do, I'm just gonna turn off that jammer now."

Walking away, Blaine shook his head as Butch turned towards the ODSTs taking care of the remainder of Butch's cronies. Charging over towards the Pelican, Blaine heard the footsteps on the ground. Turning around, he watched as Butch hefted the Pelican over his head, grunting as all of his super-human muscles were put to use.

Throwing it with all his might towards the ODSTs, Butch laughed as Blaine charged forward, scooping up Butch's abandoned hammer. Making a beeline towards the Pelican, Blaine swung down at the ground while he jumped lifting him a decent distance off of the ground, much like an old pole-vaulter. Swinging the hammer with every ounce of his being, he struck the hull of the Pelican like an oversized baseball. The gravity shockwave struck home on the machine and sent it flying back to it's sender.

Butch dove out of the way, while Blaine's ODSTs ran away from the fight zone, the younger three helping Morgan to do so. The Pelican crashed along the ground, flipping four times before exploding on the fifth. Fire and smoke rose towards the sky, as many more explosions rippled out of the debris, the archer missiles themselves detonating.

Throwing Butch's hammer away, the two Spartans stood opposite each other in the compound, the building hosting the jammer behind Butch, and Menachite Mountain behind Blaine. Running headlong towards each other, the Spartans raised their right fists as they went. Butch, however, hit first, particles of dust flying off of Blaine's shields as he was launched backwards, flipping head over heels towards his ODSTs.

"It's gonna take much more than that to ground this Eagle." Blaine growled, cracking his neck as he stood once more.

Butch, however, retrieved his hammer, holding it at the ready. Blaine charged again, as Butch stood his ground, ready to strike the ground. As Blaine approached, Butch swung, just as Blaine had anticipated. Jumping just before the shockwave could hit, Blaine gained massive air, landing on the ground behind Butch again. Turning around, Butch swung the hammer, as Blaine caught it with his left hand, the blade nearing his throat.

Lashing out his right fist in a jab, he caught Butch under his helmet with a solid sucker punch. Kicking Butch away, the Spartan growled and swung again. Winding up a strong punch, Blaine's fist shattered the hammer's handle, the punch going through and into Butch's chest.

His rival flew backwards, his gravity hammer now useless. Blaine charged forward after his foe. Butch attempted to stand, as Blaine swung a fist down on top of his helmet. Butch hunched over in pain as Blaine followed up with a nasty uppercut. Returning the favor of punching Blaine in the chest, Butch swung his boot around in a roundhouse kick, catching Blaine off guard, launching him away from the compound.

"Face it Blaine, no matter how many times you hit me. I'm gonna just get right back up and keep coming at you."

"Same can be said about me, dumbass." Blaine stood. "Thing you forgot, however, is that I have fire support, and you don't."

Blaine's ODSTs all aimed on Butch's location, as the Spartan growled. Whistling, more Insurrectionist troops poured out of the building to take on the ODSTs. Blaine charged forward while Butch was distracted, and jumped, thrusting both boots into Butch's chest, sending him flying through the building.

Charging in after him, Butch jumped at Blaine with a giant steel beam, borrowed from the construction site located within the nearly completed building. Rolling to his side, Blaine narrowly avoided the beam. Butch followed up with another swing, catching Blaine in the ribs. Launching him into the far wall, Blaine lifted the nearest cement block and tossed it with all his might.

The brick met it's target, smashing Butch square in the visor, his shields popped. Before he could move, however, Blaine had his DMR pointed at Butch's head.

"And here we are again." Blaine said. "Only this time, I'm not going to hesitate to shoot you if you run."

"You forget though, I have this." Butch shook his head, throwing the steel beam at Blaine at head level.

Blaine dove forward to avoid taking the beam, rolling onto his knee, he readied his rifle almost instantly. But when he checked, Butch wasn't there. Instead a massive hole in the wall remained evidence of Butch's departure, followed by another Pelican approaching in the distance. Charging outside, Blaine's shields slowly disappeared as small arms fire riddled his chest.

"Uh uh uh." Butch replied, an MA3-7 assault rifle in his hands. "You're gonna have to wait until next time, Blaine. Preferably when you aren't cheating."

"YOU BROUGHT THE HAMMER!" Blaine laughed in disbelief.

"But I'm the bad guy. I'm allowed to cheat." Butch chuckled. "Catch you around Blaine, you may have foiled my plans this time. But the invasion has already begun. Try to pick up the pieces, won't you?"

Entering the Pelican, Butch closed the hatch behind him, as his Pilot navigated them into the heavens. Most likely to one of his ships. Josh, Phil, Morgan, and Scott approached Blaine from behind, wondering what their next move was.

"Alright, Scott, you know explosives. I want charges all around this building. I'm being hailed by short range radio, if we're lucky, it's a Pelican on it's way to pick us up."

Walking away, the ODSTs set to work planting explosives around the building. Answering the comm. he smiled at the voice that answered.

"Welcome home 115. Heard the explosion of your Pelican from here. I see Butch was not very warming to your return. He may have been clever enough to jam the planet's communique, but he underestimates my abilities." Halsey replied stiffly. " I'm looking at you from the security camera to your right. I've dispatched a Pelican to come and pick you up. I'd like for you and your team to help out over at the Visegrad relay station."

"Understood, we'll just finish up here." Blaine replied. "Permission to speak ma'am?"

"Granted, Blaine." she replied kindly.

"It's good to be home again."


descriptionRe: Your skins on Hitskin without authorisation? You want to delete it?



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